Welcome to the 10th year of the WRMF!

Our online registration is now open with the closing date of January 31, 2018 for Dance, and for all other entries.

 If you cannot locate a class number please contact me, as there is a class for EVERY kind of performance regardless of your level of study, combination of instruments/vocals, your age etc. We look forward to each and every entry, and all performers are welcome!!
Please note when entering your online data, how you enter the data is how it will show in the program-Capitals and Titles are very important!

Online registration allows for accurate data, instant payment of your choice and a reduction in volunteer hours. If you have any questions during your registration, please feel free to contact me and I will gladly help you with any inquiry you may have.

A sincere THANK YOU to all our volunteers and dedicated teachers for all your support …without each of you, this festival would not be possible.

We look forward to your participation and hope you enjoy your experience at the festival.

Marilyn Roach


Marilyn Roach - Executive Director


Thank you to Woodlands County for donating the Festival pianos

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