Each year,  Our Festival has the opportunity to send performers to the AMFA Provincial Festival, held in Edmonton. These performers have been recommended by our Professionally Qualified Adjudicators, who feel the performance has shown potential to compete with the best in the Province.

In order to receive a recommendation there must first have been a great dedication by a teacher. These teachers are available to teach and pass on years of expertise and experience to willing students, interested in learning and succeeding in music and performance of the arts.

In our Festival Community we are very fortunate to have many such teachers, thus making the opportunity of learning and performing available to all of us through private lessons and through our schools.

Our Festival would like to dedicate this page to Our Provincial Recommendations. We are very proud of each and every performance attending our festival, and we are very proud of each opportunity we have to send an entry to the Provincial Level.

Thank you for the dedication and commitment shown to make these opportunities available to our community.