​​​​​April-TBD, 2019-Music/Speech Arts


The purpose of the Whitecourt Rotary Music Festival is to promote music, speech, dance, and the performing arts in Whitecourt and surrounding areas.


For all festival inquiries, please contact:

Marilyn Roach - email(click here)


​                       780-779-1499


March 9, 2019(Dance)

April(TBD), 2019(Choirs/Vocal Solos)
April(TBD), 2019(Music)


The philosophy of our festival is to encourage the performance of Fine Arts by the youth of our community and encourage these young performers in a public atmosphere.  It takes courage and strength to perform, whether in a competitive class or a non-competitive class and we applaud them all.

March 9, 2019-DANCE

About Our Festival...

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April-TBD, 2019-CHOIR/Vocal Solos


Registration Deadline: 

January 31, 2019(Dance)
January 31, 2019(Music)

Online Registration(Available November 1, 2018)

Fee Schedule

Thank you to Woodlands County for donating the Festival pianos

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